Agri-Waste - Inspection Services

Kevin Chapman


Assistant Project Engineer

Kevin joined the AWT team in May of 2015. He received his B.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2016.  Kevin is a certified Engineer in Training (E.I.T.) working towards licensure as a Professional Engineer (P.E.).  He is also working towards obtaining a Masters of Biological & Agricultural Engineering (M.B.A.E.) through N.C. State University. Kevin’s main responsibilities include the production of designs and specifications for commercial and residential wastewater treatment systems.

Kevin has spent his entire life living in Apex, where he’s watched the region grow from a small town to a thriving community packed with over ten times as many people since the time he was born. With a fascination of the natural environment and love for the outdoors, he spends much of his free time hiking through the less populated areas of North Carolina, from the western mountains to the eastern coastline. Kevin’s work at AWT allows him to channel his passion for the environment and the knowledge he’s gained through academia to help improve the quality of the land and lives around him.