Agri-Waste - Inspection Services

Chris Mosley



Mosley joined AWT in September of 2000 and is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio and Texas. Mosley is also a NRCS TSP in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin and is a North Carolina Technical Specialist and a Texas Nutrient Management Specialist. Mosley’s main responsibilities include: nutrient management planning, engineering design and specifications for commercial and residential septic systems, permitting, irrigation planning, stormwater design, sediment and erosion control design, irrigation system management and oversight of the carbon offset validation/verification program.

Chris and his wife Leslie live in a converted cotton mill in downtown Raleigh with their two children, Cassie and Archie.  In his spare time Chris is the secretary for his HOA board, runs two fantasy baseball leagues, writes show notes for two board game podcasts (The State of Games and The Geek Allstars) and plays as many board games as he can.