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Wastewater Design

The proper management of wastewater is critical to public health. Historically, advances in wastewater collection, treatment and disposal reduced the presence of disease in the general public. Many of these advances focused on large collection systems, centralized treatment of the collected wastewater and direct discharge of the treated wastewater to a water source.  While the traditional methods have worked well and continue to work well in densely populated areas, advances in technology and innovative ideas are allowing for a technological shift in wastewater management.  This shift has been driven by many factors including serving an increasing population, development occurring at greater distances from the centralized systems, and tighter regulatory restrictions on the direct discharge of treated effluent.

The technological shift is towards a de-centralized concept consisting of on-site treatment combined with soil based disposal systems. The de-centralized approach is a cost and technology effective methodology for the management of wastewater.  Advantages to using a de-centralized approach include decreased cost, minimized infrastructure requirements that can be matched with development, and ease of system operation and management.  Soil based disposal systems are also very effective for dealing with nutrient loads contained in wastewater and also for handling the increasing presence of pharmaceutical compounds present in wastewater.

AWT specializes in the de-centralized approach for wastewater management. We have tremendous experience in wastewater collection, treatment and disposal or utilization for individual homeowner, community based and commercial systems as well as assisting municipalities that land apply wastewater. We are able to combine our soil evaluation and engineering experience to provide a solution to the wastewater challenges of our clients.

Service Requests

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    AWT assists homeowners with all of their wastewater needs. We have experience with many types of residential on-site wastewater treatment systems. From an initial site evaluation to obtaining a permit for a new system, our soil scientists and engineers can assist homeowners throughout the permitting process. We work very closely with and maintain positive relationships with county and state regulatory agencies.

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    AWT has experience with a wide range of commercial and large flow wastewater systems. These types of systems typically have higher flows or higher strength wastewater concentrations (compared to residential waste). From projects ranging from multi-tenant developments to RV parks to utility plants, AWT has the experience to design and obtain permits for these facilities.

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    AWT works with municipalities to assist them with permit compliance related to their wastewater and sludge land application programs. Our services include irrigation scheduling, nutrient management planning, agronomic recommendations and assistance with permit applications. We have experience working with regulatory agencies on issues related to the land application of municipal wastewater and sludge.

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    Residuals Management

    AWT has worked with municipalities, privately owned treatment plants, food processing facilities and livestock facilities to develop environmentally responsible and cost efficient plans to land apply sludge and biosolids. AWT works hard to ensure that the plans meet Local, State and Federal requirements for the land application of biosolids and sludge. AWT employs agricultural engineers, agronomists, soil scientists and environmental technicians to ensure the plans are carried out as intended.


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