Agri-Waste - Inspection Services

Karl Shaffer

NC LSS, CNMP, Certified Land Application, Animal Waste, and Surface Irrigation Operator

Senior Soil Scientist

Karl Shaffer joined AWT in 2017. Shaffer earned a B.S. from Penn State University in Environmental Resource Management and a M.S. in Soil Science with a focus on soil chemistry and soil physics. Shaffer has worked with NCDEQ in a variety of roles doing soil survey, site evaluation/design of surface wastewater irrigation systems, land application of biosolids, land application of animal waste, and wetlands assessments and evaluations. Shaffer then moved into an educational and technical assistance role with NC State University in the Soil Science Department. After retiring from academia, Shaffer owned and operated Shaffer Soil Services, an environmental consulting firm located in Pittsboro, NC. Over the past 2 decades, Shaffer has interacted with AWT staff in a variety of roles. Seeing the expertise and diversity of the staff at AWT, Shaffer decided to join with this group to work on complex soil and environmental problems and hopefully offer experience and guidance to the younger staff.

His primary roles with AWT include: soil & site evaluations, permitting and troubleshooting on-site wastewater/irrigation and residuals systems (municipal and industrial), nutrient management, and outreach/educational programs. He is a member and past-president of the Soil Science Society of NC.