Cranbrook’s Wastewater Miracle: Transforming from Noisy and Smelly to Silent and Clean

In Greensboro, North Carolina, the Cranbrook Mobile Home Community has upgraded from its old, noisy, and smelly activated sludge package plant to a sleek and efficient AdvanTex AX MAX system, thanks to AWT’s engineering expertise.

The previous system was exposed to the air, emitting unpleasant odors and generating noise that could be heard from everywhere in the mobile home community. With the help of our partners from AQWA Inc, this outdated system has been replaced with the AdvanTex AX MAX. This new system operates quietly and odorlessly, representing a significant improvement for the community. It includes dual pumps for precise wastewater dosing and recirculation, along with UV systems to ensure treated effluent meets environmental standards before discharge.

AWT’s commitment to sustainable engineering solutions shines through in this project, aiming not only to meet but exceed community expectations. This transformation marks another successful step toward enhancing environmental quality and community well-being through innovative technology.