Agri-Waste Technology, Inc. (AWT) is a full-service Professional Engineering and Consulting Firm, located in Raleigh, North Carolina. For over two decades, AWT has provided environmental and land development services to agricultural, industrial, municipal, and residential clients nationwide. AWT strives to meet and exceed all client expectations. Our professional staff works one-on-one with each client to determine his/her goals and constraints. From there, AWT can provide the most effective and cost-efficient services tailored to the client’s specific needs. If you put AWT’s experience to work for you, we guarantee you will appreciate the difference that one-on-one service makes.

AWT offers a large range of design and construction services. Our talented engineers can design a waste utilization system from start-to-finish or simply upgrade or change an existing system. AWT’s staff uses tools, such as soil suitability tests and irrigation system designs, to create the most cost-effective and environmentally acceptable waste management systems for our clients. AWT utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in conjunction with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to enhance work products. Digital cartography is integrated into reports and projects to provide accurate and informative visual illustrations.

Whether you are looking to develop a large tract of land that may be subdivided into numerous lots or just a single plot, Jeff Vaughan, Senior Licensed Soil Scientist, and AWT’s professional engineering team can assist throughout the entire process. Systems can be designed for residential, commercial, and community waste water treatment systems. AWT can also assist with redesigning capabilities regarding failing septic systems, increasing capacity of a residence by adding onto the current system, and designing a new system to accommodate regulations.