Who we are . . .

AWT’s engineers are certified to perform professional engineering services in most states in the U.S.  Our engineers have all graduated with an agricultural engineering degree and have worked for the agricultural and livestock industry for an average of 15 years.

Our licensed soil scientists and agronomists similarly have degrees from accredited universities in their field of specialization.  Each of these employees has an average of 18 years in helping livestock operations manage their crops and application fields.

            What we do . . .

AWT’s staff has experience helping livestock and agricultural operations with many various project types.  Some of the projects we have completed are as follows:

  1. Permitting and Regulatory Assistance
  2. Waste system design
  3. Agricultural waste management
  4. Record keeping
  5. Legal and Expert Testimony
  6. Nutrient Management Planning
  7. Site Audits (3rd Party Compliance Audits)
  8. Renewable energy from livestock waste digestion

AWT has provided consulting services for the livestock industry for over 20 years.  Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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AWT has extensive experience regarding Agricultural, Environmental, & Land Development Projects. If you put that experience to work for you we guarantee you will appreciate the difference that one-on-one service makes.

Hal Langenbach, P.E.