Consulting and Technical Assistance

For clients who are not receiving carbon offset project verification services from AWT, we can assist in evaluating the potential a project has for the production of carbon offsets as well as guide clients through the development of required project documentation.  Greenhouse Gas emission offsets can be created by collecting and destroying or utilizing biogas created from anaerobic treatment of animal manure, organic waste or municipal solid waste, composting organic waste and a variety of forest management systems.

AWT is experienced with a variety of GHG offset protocols including those used by American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, California Air Resources Board, Verified Carbon Standard, Pacific Carbon Trust, RGGI and CCX. We can assist with navigating the GHG market and quantifying carbon credits and creating project design documents in any of these markets.

Services that AWT can assist your organization with:

  • Agricultural methane, landfill methane, organic waste composting or organic waste digestion projects.
  • Carbon footprints assessments
  • Technical assistance with carbon offset calculations/models and project design documents
  • General GHG offset consulting
  • Feasibility determinations
  • Review of engineering designs for anaerobic digesters

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AWT has extensive experience regarding Agricultural, Environmental, & Land Development Projects. If you put that experience to work for you we guarantee you will appreciate the difference that one-on-one service makes.

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Chris Mosley, P.E.