Site Planning


Phase I Assessments and Environmental Audits

AWT’s site evaluation and research process provides clients with a clear historical picture of past land uses, development activities, and environmental risks. Numerous financial clients have used AWT for this service.  AWT’s assessments follow the ASTM Standard for Phase I Evaluations.


Jurisdictional Wetland Assessments and Stream Delineation

Offering permitting assistance with various State and Federal agencies for environmental impacts and mitigation. AWT delineates streams and wetlands prior to development so that appropriate land planning can be accomplished.  Let AWT work directly with the US Army Corps of Engineers on your behalf for wetland delineation and stream classification.


Stormwater Design & Erosion Control

AWT’s engineers can develop the best stormwater solution to your site’s needs and constraints. Our innovative designs and experience allow clients to see maximum potential while ensuring a viable long-term maintenance.


Impervious Area Solutions

Often homeowners and developers exceed allowable impervious area on properties. AWT can assist with alternative water management devices to alleviate permitting concerns.


GIS Mapping and Site Plan Development

Site mapping tailored to the needs and demands of each client’s project. Site planning to assist developers with functional utilization of each property and realize full potential.


Lot Layout

AWT engineers and soil scientists work together to ensure maximum lot yield and responsible planning.  AWT will work with developers, consultants, and surveyors to achieve your vision for a property while still maintaining effective stormwater management design and utility layout.

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AWT has extensive experience regarding Agricultural, Environmental, & Land Development Projects. If you put that experience to work for you we guarantee you will appreciate the difference that one-on-one service makes.

Chris McGee, L.S.S.