Carbon Validation/Verification Services

AWT is accredited as a verification body by the California Air Resources Board (Executive Order H2-19-012) for livestock and mine methane projects.

Please contact Hal Langenbach ([email protected]) for no-cost proposals for verification of your projects.

AWT has received California Air Resources Board (ARB) accreditation as a Greenhouse Gas Verification Body for the following project protocols:

CARB Offset Verification

  • Dairy/Swine Digesters
  • Mine Methane Capture

CARB Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

  • AWT Validation/Verification Credential: Executive Order H3-20-002

California Air Resources Board (ARB)/ CARB Mandatory Reporting Requirement (MRR)

AWT has also verified projects under the following protocols from 2006-2016:

Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

  • Organic Waste Composting
  • Organic Waste Digestion
  • Livestock
  • Landfill Gas

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

  • Agricultural Methane Collection and Combustion
  • Rangeland Soil Carbon
  • Grassland
  • Conservation Tillage
  • Renewable Energy

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For more information on our carbon offset verification services, please contact Hal Langenbach at: ¬†(919) 367-6312 or [email protected].

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Hal Langenbach

Hal Langenbach

VP of Agriculture and Environmental Services, P.E., Lead Verifier