Stormwater Plans and Designs

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Erosion Control Plans and Designs

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Urban Stormwater Management

AWT engineered the stormwater BMPs for the Historic West Village Expansion project located in Durham, NC. One of the main goals of this project was to integrate BMP’s for treating and recycling stormwater. This system utilizes a combination of BMP’s including: vegetated sand filtration areas, bioretention, cistern collection, UV sterilization and reuse. This project was awarded the Gold Star Award by the Durham Soil and Water Conservation District.


Stormwater BMP Inspections

Many North Carolina municipalities and require annual inspections of stormwater BMPs to ensure they are functioning correctly.  Stormwater BMPs are designed for land that has been developed to help treat the nutrient and pollutants in the stormwater prior to being discharged.  Common stormwater BMPs include wet ponds, bioretention cells, dry detention basins, grassed swales and similar systems.  AWT works with property owners, property management firms, HOA’s and municipalities to provide the required inspection services and reports at the lowest cost possible.  AWT also provides recommendations to the owners or operators of these systems to ensure that the systems are maintained in a way to reduce long term costs.

AWT currently has two experienced engineers that hold the NCSU BMP Inspection and Maintenance Certification.   Please contact Hal Langenbach or Scott Jones for more information regarding our BMP inspection services or to get a free quote for your project.

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